Wooden Components

Proposed Treatment (wood elements)

Any separated pieces will be re-attached. Fills/replacements for remaining losses.
All wooden items will be stripped of paints, etc. When this is done, the pieces can be evaluated as to the amount of gesso work that will be needed, and how much, if any original gilding can be retained.





Large 8-pointed central support (approximately 21" diameter)

This component was clearly gessoed/water gilded originally. Subsequent finishes are peeling and flaking, exposing a red bole. There are some wood losses that will need to be attended to. After stripping and repairs, determination will be made as to how much, if any of original surface can be retained.




"Pineapple" finial (3 ¾" high, 2 ½" widest diam.)
Slim baluster (9 ½" high, 1 ¾" widest diam.)
Short circular leaf form (1 ¾" high, 3" widest diam.)
Long circular leaf form (5 ½" high, 3 ½" widest diam.)
Trumpet form (5 ¾" high, 4" widest diam.)

These remaining wood pieces have a very dull appearance due to repairs and overpaint. While there may be a thin gesso coat, there does not seem to be evidence these were originally water gilded. Stripping these will provide more information.

These items could be gessoed and water gilded with some burnished areas for contrast, which would be effective decoratively, if not authentic.




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Last Update:May 31, 2020