Metal Components

Proposed Treatment (metal elements)

Recommended treatment: Strip existing coatings in order to have crisp detailing, repaint base, then oil gild.
One of the curved flat arms will be stripped, then gilded as a test to determine desired finished appearance.





Eight Curved flat arms
Brass (approximately 7 ½" x 5")
These are of brass, pierced to hang prisms. They are flat, with relief molding of scroll-work and leaves.

On all the metal pieces, layers of finish indicate a base coat to provide a smooth surface over the abraded casting. There may have been a varnish or lacquer over the gilding originally, and or during previous repairs. Over time there have been losses of the base coat  (with attendant gilding) with overpainting done to minimize the losses.




Three "Spiders" in graduated sizes with attached curved arms.

The largest has a 20 ¼" spread, with a molded round center. The remaining two (11" and  16" spreads)  have flat disk centers.
The rounds, particularly the thicker molded one on the largest spider are in need of stripping and regilding; the arms could be regilded but these functional supports are not as objectionable in their current state, and some touchup would allow them to retain their current aged appearance.


Eight Curved "shields"

White metal of some type, (approximately 6" x 3 ½")




Eight Large Rosettes
White metal of some type, (approximately 2 ¼" diameter)

Eight Small Rosettes

White metal of some type, (approximately 1 ½" diameter)

Round spacer

Modern ring finial



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Last Update:May 31, 2020